The Helen Family- the Foundation of Ja-Bob Holsteins

Ja-Bob Kad Holly P-RED-EX 90 and Ja-Bob Bayonet Hava P RC EX 93 Ja-Bob Golden Hava-P-RED EX 92
Holly and Hava are both 9th Generation Excellents from the Helen Family! Golden Hava is an 8th Generation Excellent!


Sky-Hi Mars Helen-ET 4E 92 GMD DOM EEEEE


Daughter of Helen: Ja-Bob Heavenly Mark Joy-RC EX 92 DOM

Helen is the Dam of over 350 known Excellent maternal female descendants around the world and over 1000 VG maternal descendants in 11 countries including the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Switzerland and Australia! There are over 100 bulls in AI that trace to Helen's maternal line and hundreds more that trace maternally through the male side!

Sire: Marshfield Elevation Tony
3-03 365d 25,880 4.1 1057 3.2 837
4-10 365d 29,140 3.7 1102 3.0 874
10-00 365d 30,180 3.9 1174 3.0 907
Lifetime: 235,830 4.0 9408 3.2 7472

Helen was purchased as a 2 yr old from the Wendorf's in Wisconsin and proved to be a Red Carrier and influence the Ja-Bob herd and RED Genetics world wide through her sons, daughters, grand-daughters etc! 80% of the current herd at Ja-Bob are descendants of Helen.

Sire: Walkway Chief Mark
3-06 365d 28,827 4.2 1215 3.3 952
5-07 365d 27,445 4.0 1098 3.1 847
7-03 365d 33,093 3.5 1155 3.2 1054
Lifetime: 120,734 3.9 4767 3.1 3744

Dam of Horizon Ranger-Red

Ja-Bob Jordan-RED-ET TV TL EX 90


Many breeders worldwide, will remember JORDAN RED as a great Red Holstein bull having many superb daughters with especially beautiful udders, with ideal teat size and placement and several great sons!

JORDAN Red was one of the first Red Holstein bulls with PARADOX Red, to be in the: Top 100 Holstein bulls proven with 99 % Rel. in milk and type.

With more than 7,000 daughters in both the US and Switzerland and nearly 1,000 or more in France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Canada, the American Ja-Bob Jordan-Red is quite the globetrotter. The son of Phideaux RC (Blackstar-Enhancer-Pete-Triple Threat) out of an EX-91 daughter of Momentum (Skyler Chief-Cavalier-Triple Threat) is part of the long-time successful Sky-Hi Mars Helen family and represents the life work of the Swiss Red Holstein pioneer Jean Louis Schrago. Via Schrago’s AI, ABC Genetics, Jordan developed into a source of top type and breeding quality. The most prominent result was daughter Suard-Red Jordan Irene EX-96, two-time European Grand Champion, World Champion and Red Impact Cow, and dam the internationally esteemed sons Blitz and Jotan-Red.

Dam of Jordan- Ohiana Mom Handmaid-RED-ET EX 91 DOM

Famous Daughter of Jordan in Switzerland - Suard Jordan Irene-RED EX 97!

Sire: Mr Hurl-Three Momentum-RED-ET
Dam: Ja-Bob Holly Jo-RED-ET EX 90 VVEVE DOM
2nd Dam: Ja-Bob Mark Heavenly Joy-RC EX 92 DOM (see panel above)
3rd Dam: Sky-Hi Mars Helen-ET 4E 92 GMD DOM EEEEE

2-03 365d 26,610 3.7 979 3.2 843
3-05 365d 34,230 3.7 1272 3.3 1117

European Grand Champion- Fribour Switzerland 03/2013