The Slick (SL) Gene- Breed for Heat Tolerance!


SLICK bulls being used and developed by Ja-Bob Holsteins working closely with ABC Genetics and A Legacy Genetics

  • First positive NM$ RED Holstein & Slick Bull in the World! Ja-Bob Mambo SL-RED-ET - from Rudolph Missy Family!

  • Colganados JB Aviator SL ET RC - dam is Seagull-Bay Miss America EX 91 - full sister to Seagull-Bay Supersire! aAa 246

  • Highest RED/P/SL bull available - Ja-Bob Hallmark SL-P-RED - from the Helen family (11th generation) +2348 GTPI +$464NM (12/21)

  • Highest RED/PP/SL bull: Ja-Bob Jacuzzi SL-PP-RED +2224 GTPI  

  • Highest RC/SL bull: Slick-Gator-J Smart SL-P-RC +2494 GTPI


Ja-Bob Mambo SL-RED-ET +2070 GTPI +173 NM$


The Slick gene will help you with much needed heat tolerance! Research at the University of Puerto Rico is showing an advantage of 1500 pounds of milk per year and breeding back 30 days quicker for dairy cattle that have the Slick gene versus the normal longhaired gene. This is especially important for cattle that graze in the sun and live in tropical conditions. Breeding cattle specific to the environment is here with the Slick gene introduction.


At Ja-Bob Holsteins, we have Slick donors that are red and several that are polled. These are backed by world famous cow families such as the Helen’s, Scarlets, Roxy’s, Verdejo and Rudolph Missy, and pedigrees are available upon request.