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Mark Yeazel leading Ja-Bob Addiction Rachel-RED EX 91

Ja-Bob Holsteins Complete Dispersal averaged $3,018 on 182 head. High price of $15,500 on Lot #140 Ja-Bob Marble SL PP RED-ET- the #1 Slick, RED, Homozygous Polled heifer in the world for NM$ & GTPI! 2nd High price of $13,100 on Lot#9 - Ja-Bob Bayonet Hava-P 2E 94! Registered bidders from 16 states and Ontario, Canada! A sincere thank you to all the buyers and bidders and attendees!

Important Announcement:

I am going to spearhead a project to build a small dairy in Tanzania. Joy and I recently returned from visiting Eternal Families Tanzania and they have a goal of becoming food secure or independent. They are doing an excellent job of raising crops such as white corn, rice, sweet potatoes, beans, peanuts, and sunflowers (for cooking oil). Much of my fundraising right now is to purchase processing equipment for the crops. Almost all of the labor is done by hand except that we did purchase a tractor, disk, and planter last year for them. A wagon will go a long way to help and a simple sheller for the corn. Last year they hand-shelled 2500 bushels of corn and they anticipate double that this year. They have a 2500 fish pond and have plans for raising 1000 broilers and 250 layers. I have agreed to do the research and design the dairy building. I will need to return to figure out the right location for the dairy and make a trip with some others to Kenya to look at some good designs for East Africa. I will need to go other times to oversee construction and ultimately purchase cows. I believe God is calling me to do this and it will be a use of my lifetime of acquired skills. So, we will be selling the herd this fall on November 10. It has been a rather emotional journey so far, and if you would have asked me a month ago, I would have told you I have five more years to milk. But I am going to walk in faith that my efforts will be God honoring and help provide children with fresh milk. I will probably spend 3-5 months in Tanzania next year.

Our herd is based on the genetics of Sky-Hi Mars Helen-ET RC EX 92, who to date has over 350 known Excellent maternal female descendants around the world and over 1000 VG maternal descendants in 11 countries including the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Switzerland and Australia!

There are over 100 bulls in AI that trace to Helen's maternal line and hundreds more that trace maternally through the male side!

Read the Holstein International feature article on Ja-Bob in the Feb 2022 issue!

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Heat Tolerance is a Challenge!

The slick (SL) gene is the genetic part of the answer! We are working with ABC Genetics in providing sires that carry the gene and are available today!

Mambo SL-RED to the right is one of the bulls available today.


Add the slick (SL) gene to your breeding program!
Ja-Bob Mambo SL-RED

At Ja-Bob Holsteins, we have slick donors that are red and several that are polled. These are backed by world famous cow families such as the Helen’s, Scarlets, Roxy’s, Verdejo and Rudolph Missy, and pedigrees are available upon request."